May 31, 2015

Estée Lauder Double Wear Review

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, available direct from Estée Lauder, Debenhams, Boots and Feel Unique. RRP £29.50 
Okay, so there are probably a trillion reviews out there for this product, but one more can't help, right?

How was I sold this product? This product was sold to me as 'high-coverage, buildable and non-acnegenic.'
Overall rating: 5/5
Important factors: may be unsuitable for those with dry skin

I had often heard people raving about Double Wear, but had never considered it for myself, mainly due to the price tag. I usually spend between £5 and £15 on my foundations (I currently own No7 Stay Perfect, No7 Beautifully Matte, Maybelline 'Fit Me!' Foundation, Rimmel Match Perfect and a range of BB creams), so at £29.50, this seemed a little bit pricey to me! It wasn't til a friend recommended it, and I had some birthday money to spend, that I decided I should give it a go.

I purchased this foundation from the Estée Lauder counter in my local Boots. It was a little tricky to choose a shade online, since most of the lighter shades appear very similar in the swatch images! However, there was lovely lady on hand to give me some advice, and I decided on the shade 'Shell.'

I tried this foundation out once at home and decided I absolutely hated it, threw it down and sulked because I had spent so much money on it. It's fair to say that I definitely didn't give it a fair chance! The reason (as I later found out) that I had had a bad first impression of this foundation, was because it had reacted with my Clinique moisturiser and had formed in clumps around my face.

Once I had tried it out a few more times, I was absolutely in love! I can definitely understand the hype. I am continuously hunting for the perfect foundation for me. I tend to look for one that provides full coverage, comes in a range of ivory shades which don't have too pink of an undertone and provide for easy application. The shade of this foundation matches my skin-tone perfectly. Unfortunately, my skin-tone is sickly white, and I therefore have to build up my contour or some bronzer to achieve a healthier look. Whereas, my No7 foundations (shade 'Calico') are a little darker, but blend beautifully, so are fine on their own.

This foundation isn't the easiest to apply. It doesn't have a pump and is therefore pour only, which (as you may see in the below image), can be a bit messy! Unfortunately, it also means that you use a lot more of the product than you may have anticipated. I would definitely recommend buying a pump; I have seen a few knocking around on eBay, and will definitely be buying one myself in the near future. It also isn't that easy to blend, which is why finding the right shade to start with is so important. You almost need to kind of paint it on, quickly buff it out and then wait for it to set. Once it has dried, the difference is amazing, and the finish seems to get better during the day.

The coverage of this foundation is absolutely beautiful. I am always striving towards that 'Made in Chelsea' finish, and this foundation pretty much achieves just that. It's really thick, so may not be ideal for those seeking a more 'natural' look, or for anyone who finds thick foundations mask-like and/or restricting. I would definitely recommend moisturising first (find one that doesn't react with this product, mind!), as it can have a slight drying effect. It provides a matte finish and powdered products apply really easily on top!

For me, this foundation was definitely worth the price tag and has actually encouraged me to splash the cash when it comes to foundation in the future. Overall, I would give it five stars, though I do appreciate that everyone has different skin types, and I am uncertain of whether this would be such a fab product for those with drier skin. However, I love it! It does what it says on the tin; it really does last all day. I have actually worn it all day to uni once and it has still looked perfect in the club that night with no need for re-application.

This is definitely worth a try!

Do any of you also wear Double Wear? Can anybody recommend foundations which achieve a similar finish? Let me know! 



  1. Foundation is one thing I splurge on 99% of the time and I really like this! It's definitely an evening one for me though as it's so full-coverage and matte xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. I love full coverage foundations! I do save this for times when my skin is particularly bad though. Thanks for your comment! :)xxx


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