May 25, 2015

Make Up and Brush Storage


I love seeing how other people store and display their products, so thought I would post a few pictures of how I store my make-up and brushes! I picked up this shelf unit, which is part of the LACK range, from Ikea for £50 last month. It matches my white floating shelf on the opposite wall and was the perfect size to fill the awkward gap in my bedroom (30x190cm).

The basket on the fifth shelf is BYHOLMA by Ikea, and I have since purchased a second one for the bottom shelf. Together, they store my facial and skincare and hair products. I keep a little jamjar (KORKEN, also ikea!) to store my hairbands in too (it was only £0.80!).

The brush pot is SKURAR by Ikea, hardly original, I know! I agree with everyone out there that they are fab for brush storage, so pretty! They are available in three sizes, and I have 2/3. At £1.90 and £2.90 they are such great value for money. I had to cut out a few rings of cardboard to pad the bottom of my brush pot, as this plant pot is a little large!

I bought this clear, acrylic make-up organiser from eBay for £18, but I would recommend buying one from Muji, since theirs have five drawers rather than three and no on-top storage which gets dusty. This picture was taken a while ago, and I since decided to store my brushes separately due to a growing collection of both brushes and make up!

How do you store your make-up and brushes? I'd love some recommendations. I'm lusting over the Ikea MALM dresser and the original beauty box, but unfortunately, I am lacking on the space side! Let me know your ideas!


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