June 06, 2015

Sigma Dupe: Glory-ous Brush Cleaning

Soap & Glory Massage glove. RRP £8.50. Available at Soap & Glory and Boots 
If cleaning your make-up brushes is the bane of your life, then this one's for you! I don't particularly mind cleaning my make-up brushes; I love taking care of my brushes since I splashed out a fair amount on the Zoeva rose gold collection. What I definitely don't like is rinsing my foundation brushes for hours on end (slight exaggeration), just to wipe them on a lovely clean towel to find that orange liquid is still spilling out everywhere. Ugh.

I saw the Sigma make-up brush cleaning gloves ages ago and thought how ridiculous they were. They have come down in price a fair bit now, but I still consider them to be fairly pricey for what they are. I don't consider these products so ridiculous anymore, as I can definitely see the benefit. The basic concept here is that the gloves are rubberised with bristles which clean deep into your brushes with minimal effort. I still wasn't willing to pay the price though. The Sigma gloves can be purchased direct from Sigma's website for $39, which is approximately £25.50 (at the time this was published!), but that does get you two gloves (again, right now). So that works out at £12.75 per glove (why you would need two, I do not know; they are rubber and therefore unlikely to wear out as such). They can also be purchased from Feel Unique.

Then I saw this: the Soap & Glory Massage Glove. I didn't even recognise it as a 'massage glove.' My first thought was 'ooh, clean brushes.' I bought this in the Tottenham Court Road branch of Boots for £8.50 last week, which is an absolute bargain compared to the Sigma ones!
Why you should buy it: because it is rubber rather than fabric, you can blast the hot taps (which clean away bacteria more effectively) while cleaning your brushes, without scolding yourself. This really does work effectively; my foundation brushes have just received the most thorough clean of their lives! The price is fab, what do you have to lose (well, £8.50 I guess...)

Let me know how you keep your brushes clean, including any products & tools you love! 


  1. This is such a clever idea to use as a brush cleaner. I use the BrushEggs which as you know is based on a similar concept just slightly smaller. This sounds like a really great option! I usually use Johnson's baby shampoo when I clean my brushes.


  2. Thanks for your comment lovely! :) The brush eggs look really good xx


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