December 01, 2015

50 Gift Ideas for Ladies

The festive season is officially upon us! Here, I have compiled a list of 50 gift ideas for the special lady in your life!
  1. Perfume: if you know her well enough, you'll know her favourite/signature scents. If it's one she wears every day, she can never have enough of it! Check out All Beauty (formerly Cheap Smells) for great prices on a humongous range of perfumes. I've used their services since I was sixteen, and I've always been impressed!

  2. Candles: what woman doesn't love a good ol' scented candle, 'ey?! This is one to suit all budgets; I've had lovely candles on the lower end of the price spectrum from Wilkinsons, Next, Primark and H&M (their peony one is lush). However, if you're willing to splash the cash a little for the one you love, Yankee candles and Diptyque will do the trick nicely, and she will appreciate the effort you have gone to!

  3. Giftcards: if in doubt, get a gift card! Top trick: if you can't decide which high-street store to buy for, buy an Arcadia one from any Topshop/Miss Selfridge/Dorothy Perkins/BHS or Evans. That way, she can spend, spend, spend at any of the aforementioned shops! Other fail-safe places are: Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams and MAC (if she's a makeup lover, which - let's face it, guys - she is.

  4. Makeup: I can literally feel you squirming in your seats reading this one. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me here. Yes, makeup is very personal, and you can go very wrong with this one, so here are my tips: avoid buying things like foundations, bronzers, blushers and any other base products. You may well get the wrong colour and/or skin type formula. Stick to things like lipsticks, palettes and primers!

  5. Room diffusers and/or room sprays: as mentioned in #1, every lady loves some smelly candles and scents around the home. Believe it or not, Primark actually do some lovely room diffusers, in varying sizes! They last ages too! I'd also recommend The White Company and Next for diffusers, and Boux Avenue for room sprays!

  6. Pretty bed sheets: make sure you check the size of her bed/current sheets before you shop! I know a few people who do have double beds but have a king-sized duvet (these people find it hard to share, let's face it). Look to H&M Home, Primark and Ikea for on-trend bed sheets she will love! Accessorise with fluffy cushions and throws.

  7. Wine! Okay, maybe not just wine, ha! A bottle of her favourite drink will do nicely and may last her a while. I keep a bottle of Archers peach schnapps and a bottle of Ouzo on top of my wardrobe, both were gifts. I have to say, a bottle of wine is always lovely. Make sure it's something she does actually drink though!

  8. Photo frames: buying somebody a beaut photo frame with a carefully chosen and inserted image in shows you have put real thought into the gift, and they are far likely to treasure this more than a designer handbag, trust me.

  9. Makeup bag/case: my friend bought me a Ted Baker makeup bag a while back, and I have used it ever since! It's such a simple idea, but not every lady utilises a makeup bag until she is gifted a gorgeous one. If you have a makeup artist for a girlfriend/friend/relative, you could also check out professional cases (there are some on the NYX website, to give you an idea!), though they are a little pricey.

  10. Makeup brushes/sponges: again, this is such a simple one, but one that you can't really go wrong with! Every girl loves new brushes, and there are plenty of decent sets around this time of year. Go for Zoeva or Real Techniques for a fool-proof gift. If you're thinking sponges, a Beauty Blender would make for a fab pressie, or try the Nanshy one if you're on a budget.

  11. Skincare items: first stop, the Body Shop! I can't think of anyone who would turn their nose up at a lovely Body Shop gift-set. I personally love their pink grapefruit range (sadly, it doesn't come in a set... *sobs*), but they produce all kinds of fruity concoctions! Whether it be Body Shop or not, every lady loves a decent moisturiser, body scrub or face cream.

  12. Hair care and/or styling products: whether you decide to splash the cash on a pair of GHD's for your lady-friend, or simply buy her some new hair-care products, she will definitely utilise this one! Your hair is your best accessory, ladies! If she has curly/frizzy hair, perhaps look to John Frieda for some smoothing products and serums. Or if she has straight hair, opt for curlers and texturising products. If you're struggling with this one, create her a little basket full of different hair products... it will look super thoughtful!

  13. A nice meal out: sadly, one 'I O U' coupon just won't do. Howeverrr... one 'I O U one romantic meal for two in the city' will make a lady weak at the knees. This could work for female relatives too; I think anybody would appreciate spending time together and looking forward to it wayyyy more than a one-off, thoughtless present.

  14. A city break: if the lady in question is a city-worker, or lives in the city, think this one through. She might not want to be spending every waking hour in the city! So perhaps go for a countryside/seaside break if this is the case. For most, though, a city break sounds incredibly luxurious, and there is so much to do! Always check for cheap city breaks.

  15. A pair of high heels: observe her general style before doing so! If you're looking for an easy ride and have cash aplenty and love her dearly, go for classic black Louboutins and she will probably love you forever. However, a pair to match that new dress she bought last week, or a glittery pair for that occasion she has coming up, from River Island, will do nicely!

  16. A film she loves on DVD: we all have that one special film that we could watch over and over and over again. I don't think I actually own any of these films on DVD though! Today, it's just too easy to instantly stream a movie online/on the TV; but why not show her that you do pay attention and get it for her to keep on her shelf?

  17. Books (perhaps an autobiography of somebody she loves?): I've always thought that books are a super thoughtful gift, especially if they're enscripted with a message at the beginning (okay, I've watched Definitely, Maybe one too many times!)

  18. A spa treatment: need I say more? Facials, massages, hot rock treatments, body wraps...

  19. A watch: get her a timeless present, something classic that she can wear every single day. Go for Michael Kors for a fool-proof present, or perhaps look at Vivienne Westwood, Kapten Watches or Marc Jacobs for something a little special.

  20. A purse: River Island always do a good job here, as do Fiorelli. 

  21. A vanity mirror: any mirror really... a pocket mirror/compact, a new mirror for her vanity desk? No7 do a lovely spinning vanity mirror (ordinary one side, magnified the other) which lights up.

  22. Pretty pots for bits and bobs: you could go really mainstream here and jump on the Ikea Skurar bandwagon, but why not search out some lovely-looking pots/trays/tubs for her to store her trinkets? Think marble, think rose gold, and you're onto a gooden!

  23. Plane/train tickets: at the time of writing this, a friend has just told me he is thinking of buying his girlfriend tickets to Rome for Christmas. I think this is a lovely idea. More than often, if we want something, we just go and buy it, which makes the question 'what do you want for Christmas?' really hard to answer. This is a great solution, as it's not a thing.

  24. A dressing gown: I love nothing more than a brand new, fluffy dressing gown! Try Primark if you're on a budget; they do some lovely ones.

  25. Sexy undies: go for the smaller size and keep the receipt, my friend. Always! This is one that my boyfriend hasn't quite mastered. The last time he bought me knickers, they were belly warmers from none other than F&F at Tesco. Not that I'm complaining, mind. I do love me some Bridget Jones pants. My advice on this one would be to steer clear of Ann Summers and look to Boux Avenue instead.

  26. A pretty notebook (think Paperchase): if your loved one is super organised and/or into pretty stationary (even if it is just to display on her desk), notebooks could be a fab present for her. Pop into Paperchase and also check out Urban Outfitters.

  27. A personalised keyring: my boyfriend bought me a silver, heart-shaped keyring, engraved with the date we got together, while we were on our first holiday together in Gran Canaria. Three years later, it has become my most prized possession, and I cry every time I think I've lost it! So, I'd say that's a pretty great gift, huh?

  28. Flowers: it may seem like a cliche, but it's a popular choice for a reason. Avoid red roses (unless it's Valentines) and lilies (funeral flowers), and choose as if she will be displaying them on her dressing table.

  29. Chocolates: Lindor, Guylian, a good old Milk Tray... no girl can say no to chocolate (unless they're allergic!)

  30. A throw/blanket: I love throws as a way of sprucing up the home (especially during winter time!) and adding a bit of colour. H&M home do some lovely faux fur ones, but Primark do similar ones for half the price.

  31. A kitten/puppy!: okay, this may seem like a long-shot for some people! I know quite a few people my age who received their pets as Christmas presents, though. This could also be a good idea if you have recently moved in with your girlfriend and have previously discussed getting a pet.

  32. A camera: great for any lady that is into blogging, travelling or general photography. If she's a novice, opt for a compact or bridge camera. If she's already into photography, a brand new, shiny DSLR will make her day. 

  33. Gig tickets: I've been subtly hinting to my boyfriend that I would loveee Maroon 5 tickets for what feels like (and may well be) years. I think if he presented me with them now, I would genuinely cry. Tickets make for a great present because it's something to look forward to.

  34. Classic earrings: think gold/silver studs/hoops or Swarovski diamonds.

  35. A trinket box: my oldest and dearest friend bought me a silver trinket box, engraved with a message, for my 21st birthday, and it hasn't left my bedside. It means a lot to me, as I am sure something similar would to a lot of people.

  36. A manicure set: there are loads of sets floating around during festive periods. Go for French if you're looking for an easy ride, but anything nail related should work.

  37. Soap and Glory giftsets: my sister received one of these as a present last Christmas, and she isn't even half way through all the products, a year later. Avoid these if you can rarely get a foot in the bathroom door as is, ha!

  38. CD's for her car: Ministry of Sound. Done!

  39. iTunes Vouchers: for the music lover, also.

  40. Arts and crafts kits: to occupy her time, a craft kit/knitting kit/pottery/painting/drawing kit etc. will work!

  41. An Adult colouring book: very therapeutic and calming, these have become increasingly popular lately.

  42. Box sets: it doesn't matter that most things are readily available on Sky/iPlayer etc., I still like to have my all-time favourites on DVD. My personal faves have been Friends, Misfits, Skins, The Walking Dead, Afterlife...

  43. A new piece of furniture: a dressing table... *hint, hint.* 

  44. Accessories for her tech: camera lens, phone cases/sleeves, laptop cases, external microphones, webcams...

  45. A personalised glass/mug: my friend bought me a beautiful, personalised wine glass for my 21st birthday, and I just love it. I don't actually use it to drink out of, but I display it along with my '18' glass on my floating shelf.

  46. Study materials for her course: show you listen. A relevant book will help her out loads,

  47. A new phone case: perhaps a Strapzy? Go for something glittery, girly, chic...

  48. A board game: I love Rapido! Would definitely recommend that one! 

  49. Wall hangings/paintings: framed quotes and typography make for lovely decorations, especially in vanity areas. Urban Outfitters have done some lovely ones in the past, though they are a little pricey.

  50. A printed canvas: an important photo blown up on canvas can make for a fab gift for her to display around the home.

Hopefully you have found some of these gift ideas helpful! What do you consider to be the perfect gift? I'd love to hear what made it onto your list this year!


  1. I love all your ideas! I would love Maroon 5 tickets too, I went to see them about 10 years ago now and they were incredible!

    my other half got me flowers, a big yankee and a new handbag for my birthday... and won himself some brownie points for being so thoughtful, so I totally agree with your recommendations!

    For girls I would always recommend buying her something she wouldnt want to buy herself, but she really really wants.. like a Jo Malone Candle, M&S Flowers, The Ambient Lighting Edit palette, chanel perfume. all on my wish (but wont buy) list :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, lovely! Ah, I'm so so jealous that you've seen them live!! Sounds like you were spoilt for your birthday; got to love a good ol' Yankee candle! I totally agree with you; I'm lusting after the Clinique facial brush right now, but would never buy it for myself!xx

  2. all I want for xmas is a designer bag, is that too much to ask? hahah
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. These are great ideas!

  4. I've been having a real bugger of a time trying to think of good ideas of what to get for my little sisters, and you've just given me a few really good ideas :)

    A Northern Light

    1. Haha, glad I've given you some inspo! Hope you get all your presents sorted quickly! :)

  5. Such a great post! so many great ideas <3
    Chloe xx

    1. Thanks sweet, glad you liked the post! :)

  6. Great ideas! I love receiving books and of course, make-up!

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

    1. Who doesn't love receiving makeup?!

  7. so many great ideas, can never go wrong with makeup!

    danielle | avec danielle

  8. Love this post! Wish someone would get me puppy lol xx

    1. Same, ha! A border collie please? Anyone...

  9. Amazing gift guide! Such fab ideas - feeling inspired :-) xxx

    1. Thank you! Glad you're feeling inspired :)xx

  10. So many amazing ideas! I need a new blanket and bedsheets - you can never go wrong with that, we all have beds!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  11. Great ideas! As the beauty addict I am, I love buying makeup or skincare as gifts lol But I also think jewellery, chocolate and experiences such as theatre tickets, spa days, etc, are amazing options. Will come back to your list for reference once I start doing my Xmas shopping (which I'm late for already). :D x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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