December 05, 2015

Buonasera at The Jam, Chelsea: Restaurant Review

Buonasera at The Jam, Chelsea has been on my list of places to eat for ages. I've never gotten round to eating here because it's too far away from uni (Tottenham Court Road). Quite frankly, I'm lazy, and would rather eat somewhere in the Oxford Circus vicinity. I first heard about this restaurant when my boyfriend's cousin, Lucy, mentioned it, and it's stuck in my mind ever since. Since then, I just knew I would have to go some day. And that day was Friday, and it was fabulous.

Location/Contact Details
Address: 289 King's Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5EW. 
Telephone: 020 7352 8827

Opening Times
Monday: 06:00-23:00
Tuesday-Sunday: 12:00-23:00

Nearest Underground Stations
South Kensington (District/Circle line) - 14 minute walk from restaurant (0.7m)
Sloane Square (District/Circle line) - 18 minute walk from restaurant (0.9m)
Gloucester Road (District/Circle line) - 19 minute walk from restaurant (1.0m)
Fulham Broadway (District line) - 21 minute walk from restaurant (1.1m)
Earls Court (District line) - 24 minute walk from restaurant (1.2m)
West Brompton (District line)- 25 minute walk from restaurant (1.3m)

Click here for a Tube map.

Food and Drink
Buonasera at The Jam is an Italian restaurant; you can expect to find the usual selection of pastas, risottos and gnocchi on the main menu, though there is also a good selection of salads and meats. To be honest, nothing on the 'starter' menu really grabbed my attention, but the 'specials,' found in the centerfold of the main menu, offered a series of dishes which could be served as either a starter or main. I opted for their deep fried goat's cheese balls, served with a balsamic-glazed salad and chutney. These were simply amazing. If there is a cheese option on the menu, you don't need to ask me twice what I'm having! My only problem with this dish is that I wish there were more than three balls (oh, behave!), on the plate. 

For my main meal, I chose the four cheese ravioli, which is served in a creamy sauce, rather than a tomato sauce. The portion size was just right. I hate going out for dinner and having to preempt whether I'll be having a starter and a main or a main and dessert; in most places, the portions are far too big. Again, this course was delicious. I have absolutely no complaints!

Finally, for dessert (I was so happy to still have room for dessert!), I had the chocolate souffle, which was served with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and fruit. My boyfriend opted for the profiteroles, which were also nice, but had nothing on my souffle! Again, no complaints, just very high praise!

The only constructive comment I am able to make in regards to the menu is that the starters and sides are lacking slightly. I would have liked to have seen all or some of the following on the starter menu: dough balls, breaded mozzarella sticks with arribiata dip, stuffed peppers, fried Camembert in bread crumbs. 

We had a bottle of the house white to share. Sadly, I cannot remember what it was called (it began with 'G') or how much it cost. What I do know is that it was under £15, it was the first bottle on the menu, and it was a medium-dry white, which went down rather well!

The unique seating is what made this quirky restaurant a talking point for us in the first place, and, hence, what drew me to it. The owners have killed two birds with one stone by creating their unique seating; they have managed to pack a decent amount of guest seating into a fairly small unit, and attract custom by making the restaurant one-of-a-kind. I've never seen or heard of anything like this before! The seating (as you can see from the image) spans two floors, with individual little laddered staircases leading up to each of the top-floor tables. The seating is made from a combination of wood and scaffold, and looks great. The way the seating has been arranged means that each table is separated well, and is therefore very intimate and private. Each table has it's own wall-lighting which diners can control via the switch. 

Ambiance and Waiting
As mentioned above, the seating arrangements give this restaurant a lovely, intimate feel. The music was just right - not too loud (as you may expect, being up that high, next to the speakers), or too quiet. The lower tables had candles; I am guessing the reasoning behind the upper tables being candle-less is health and safety related, and that's totally understandable. There was still a good amount of lighting due to the wall lights. There was a real buzz and a great, chilled-out vibe when we visited. We arrived at 7:30pm (be sure to book a table, it does get busy!) and we left at around 10pm, and it was busy throughout this whole time. I really appreciated that, though it was busy, we didn't feel rushed at all! The waiting staff gave us time to think about our order and digest each course, but they also didn't neglect us, just because we were out of sight on that high table! I found it quite amusing that the staff had to climb the ladder to deliver each course and remove our plates! An optional 10% gratuity is added to your final bill; I had absolutely no problem paying this, due to the good quality of service and a great experience.

I love this restaurant! Though it is situated in the notoriously posh (and expensive!) area of Kings Road, Chelsea, Buonasera at The Jam doesn't go all out with the airs and graces. There is nothing 'la-di-da' about this place, which I love. It has an intimate feel about it, a chilled-out vibe, and in one word, can simply be described as 'alternative.' If I were to rate it out of five, I would give it three and a half. It isn't the best food I have eaten in my lifetime, and I could suggest some interior improvements, but I had a genuinely lovely time dining here. It was a unique experience that I would definitely recommend!

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  1. Oh wow, that restaurant is definitely something different from anywhere and anything that I've seen before. How cool is the seating?! I would be the same, wouldn't mind paying the extra 10% for such a lovely experience.

    Reflection of Sanity | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Care Package Giveaway (Canada ONLY)

    1. I know right, so damn cool! I honestly had such a lovely experience here! :)

  2. It is so useful how you've given the nearest tube station! Great review.

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

  3. Love the decor, so unique and it definitely stands out, shame the food wasn't perfected though x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It was adorable, I loved it. Such a different experience!

  4. Such a great review, the images look amazing! I live in London and I am the exact same. Travelling just that little extra seems like the longest thing in the world. But I definitely love Chelsea, it's gorgeous. This restaurant fits that chic theme too, so I really want to try this place out now.


    1. Thanks for your comment! Ah, glad you agree and don't think I'm totally lazy, ha! You should definitely try it, it's so different!

  5. This place looks so fabulous and love the decoration there, amazing review (: x

  6. food sounds good but I am always picky when it comes to Italian being half Italian myself :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. It was okay, Pam! Was more about the ambiance etc. though!

  7. This place sounds lovely, I love the rustic decor inside! :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram :D

    1. It was lovely, would definitely recommend xx

  8. I love the authentic look of the surroundings too, and the main and desserts sound lovely even if the starters/sides weren't too great :)

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    1. The seating and decor is lovely! Love it!

  9. This seems like an amazing place to eat and has a great experience too, its hard to find restaurants like that! It's defo going on my to go place to eat with my bf.. I can't get over how pretty it looks inside... Thanks for doing a full review on everything including opening times and nearest stations! you literally included everything i would want to know about a restaurant x

    1. Glad you enjoyed the review! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I did! My bf has just booked us a table for next week.. excited to try it out x

  10. No way?! You'll love it! Such a fun experience, did you ask to be seating upstairs?x


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