June 28, 2016

50 Daily Thoughts of a Hangry Gal.

1) Half an hour extra in bed, or a proper breakfast..?
2) I'll just hit the snooze button and I can j- Zzzz
3) Damnit... really shouldn't have hit snooze.

4) Maybe I'll just go without breakfast?
5) Okay, definitely cannot go without breakfast or may commit murder.
6) I'll just buy a croissant at the station or something...
7) You want me to pay how much for a pain au chocolat?!
8) Sod it, I'm so hungry, I'll take it!
9) Short on train fare because spent all change on food. Excellent.
10) Guess I'll just draw some more cash out then...
11) Is it lunch time yet?
12) No, seriously, when is lunch time?
13) Am I prepared to fight my colleagues for the early lunch slot?
14) Damn right, I am.
15) 'No don't be silly, you go first! Oh, oh, are you sure though? Okay, I'll go then...'
16) McDonalds, an M&S salad or Tesco sandwich?
17) Well, we all know where you're heading, fattie!
18) Oh hiya, yeah, I'll take three chicken selects, a double cheeseburger and some mozzarella dippers please. Ta.
19) I can feel my arteries clogging up.
20) This is so damn good.
21) It's fiiiiine, I just won't eat this afternoon!
22) Why is everyone asking me what I had for lunch? Jeeeez.
23) I'm hungry again. McDonalds was a bad idea, wasn't it?
24) Stop talking. I literally don't care what you're saying. All I can think about is food.
25) Oh, you're still going? Seriously, I'm going to whack you one in a minute.
26) Ooh, somebody bought cake!?
27) How much of the cake can I eat, though?
28) A quarter? Does a quarter seem right? Do my colleagues even like cake?
29) Well, I'm the only one who's touched it...
30) I'm starving. Literally. Wasting away.
31) I wonder what's for dinner...
32) I should definitely stop spending so much money on food.
33) But, food is all that gets me through the day...
34) Well, you only live once.
35) I hope it's spaghetti bolognese.
36) With mountains of cheese.
37) No, I don't want to help you. Unless you have food.
38) Why is everyone else so stupid? God.
39) Nearly home time, praise the lord.
40) Will this f*^&@!$ bus driver just put his foot down?!?!
41) No, I don't want to 'stop at the shop' to buy you a bottle of wine.
42) I just want to eat my dinner. Mmmm, dinner.
43) What is this?! I'm home, yet my dinner isn't on the table?!
44) One job, mum. One. Job.
45) I'll forgive you because it smells soooo good.
46) Don't touch me. I'm so hungry.
47) Thank the lord. Dinner time!
48) This was so worth the wait. Hello cheese!
49) I could eat that all over again.
50) Is there pudding though?


  1. Omg this is my favorite post ever! XD Love it #foodlover problems! x


  2. haha thats me! My lunchtime at work is from 2-3 so you can imagine how hungry I get by then :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Lord! I could not eat lunch that late!

  3. Me all the time! I have to bring snacks everywhere haha.

    Abigail Alice x

  4. Haha, my daily struggle is trying not to eat enough cheese to feed a small village!!

    Natasha Kendall

    1. I feel your pain! Cheese is the one food I could never, ever live without! Feta is my favourite xx

  5. Haha this post is amazing, I can relate to most of these! I am trying my best to eat healthy but fries are my ultimate guilty pleasure and I sometimes can't resist going to McDonald's - and when I do number 23 happens. Unless I get two large portions of fries haha. xx


    1. That's always the way... You're eating well and feeling great and then the McDonalds cravings find you!xx

  6. This post though! Me.. every day!x


    1. I'm literally hungry 90% of the time!x


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