August 09, 2016

8 Ways to Avoid 'Oops!' Moments This Summer*

Don't you just hate those people who live seemingly picture-perfect lives? You know the ones I mean: the ones with Pinterest worthy vanity areas, an impressive collection of designer shoes and bags, the white Range Rover and the passport with more stamps and stickers than a well-renewed library book. They seem to never have a hair out of place. But, here's the thing: nobody is perfect. These people simply have the luxury of living their lives through a lens. What you see is the end result of a lengthy process of editing and airbrushing. In reality, these people probably have their fair share of 'oops!' moments (and by that, we all know I mean 'oh shit!' moments), just like you and I. You know what I'm talking about... those moments in life when you've spent hours washing, blow-drying and straightening your hair and then you step outside and it instantly gets stuck in your lipgloss or ruined by the merciless downpours. The ones where you've spent hours on your makeup and then the sun sends it sliding down your face. The ones where you've been out and about all day, completely oblivious to the fact that your skirt has been tucked into your knickers. Yep... we've all been there. C'est la vie! These moments are, unfortunately, unavoidable. However, here are a few tips for keeping mishaps at bay this summer...

1) The fixing mist: until you master the art of weather dancing, you'll have to rely on a little help from the likes of Urban Decay to keep your makeup in place. I've spent a good hour on my makeup before, and as soon as I've stepped out the door, the heavens have opened, leaving me to battle the wind and rain all the way to the train station. It's not just the rain that's to blame though! It's hard to imagine us having any sunshine right now, but when we do, it won't have the most pleasant of effects on our makeup. There's nothing worse than oily makeup, breaking up and sliding off your face... yuck! Be wise, girls... use a fixing mist! I honestly could recommend UD's All Nighter enough.

2) The facial tanner*: oh, sunglasses... Brilliant at hiding hungover, tired and unmade eyes, but awful at providing an even, flawless facial tan. Don't you just love taking your glasses off, to realise you're left with white glasses marks in the middle of a sun-kissed face?! Fear not, this 50ml tube of facial tanner from St. Tropez will save the day! Just (carefully) fill in the gaps.

3) The nail varnish remover pads*: I absolutely hate forgetting I'm out to dinner with the in-laws and facing the prospect of going with chipped nails. I always carry a small pot of nail varnish remover pads in my handbag, just in case!

4) The lipstick: I always carry my lipstick in my handbag with me. Removing the center of your lipstick after a meal/a smooch/a few drinks isn't so fab when you're away from home and are left walking around with what looks like dodgy lipliner as a result!

5) The concealer: carrying around a small tube of concealer will protect you from an array of daily disasters. Unexpectedly crying in the work toilets? Save your face, and your dignity with a little bit of concealer, which will cover any mascara that's run, as well as swollen, red and puffy under eyes. Gone bare-faced for the day, only to realise you're having your photo taken for the company website? Concealer got your back. I wouldn't recommend your all-time-favourite concealer here, as you'll go through it like no tomorrow if it's on your person 24/7; a budget tube like this Bourjois one will see you right.

4) The compact mirror: there really is nothing worse than visiting the ladies before you leave work, looking in the mirror and realising that you've been walking around with balsamic vinegar drizzled down your chin since lunch time. Unfortunately, this has happened to me on more than one occasion... mortifying. Fear not! Carrying a trusty compact mirror with you wherever you go will ensure that you're ready for touch-ups and mishaps.

6) The umbrella: I once got caught out without an umbrella in a queue outside Holborn station. I stood in the pouring rain for what felt like an eternity while they assessed whether they needed to shut the station, and by the time I got on the tube, I was soaked through. Lesson learned. I carry my umbrella with me at all times now!

7) The hand sanitising gel: when you're busy and on-the-go, you don't always have time to take in your surroundings. Sometimes, as gross as it may be, this means leaning in some less than desirable substances. If you travel by tube regularly, this is a must have item for your handbag! Think of all those grimey germs you're carrying around on your hands. I love this Carex strawberry laces scented version. It's cheap as chips and available to purchase in Boots and Superdrug. Cute, pink and hygienic! 

8) Tena Lights*: for those of you who read my post 'The Blogger Behind the Blog | 10 Facts About Me' (click to read), you may know that I suffer from urge incontinence, which is a form of bladder weakness. For more info, you can read about my experience with bladder weakness in this guest post I wrote for London Beauty Queen (click here to read). Bladder weakness is normal. One in four women (and one in nine men) will experience bladder weakness at some point during their lifetime. If you feel like you need a little more protection against leaks, why not try Tena Lites? I'd definitely recommend popping a few of these in your handbag for those long days, when you feel you may get caught short! They're super discreet and so lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them! For more info, you can also visit the  Lights by Tena website here.

So, they're my top tips for avoiding 'oops!' moments this summer. What are yours? I'd love to hear some of your on-the-go must haves; any recommendations are more than welcome!

*This post has been written in collaboration with Tena. 


  1. I love this post! Very helpful xx
    Shannice Alice -

  2. I completely know the moments you mean and this is a great list of things to help avoid those!! I need to start bringing my brolly around more, the only problem is that its one of the tall ones. Maybe I need a compact one too!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Ooh no! You definitely need a compact one! Mine was only something like £3.99 from Superdrug, but is constantly saving the day!

  3. these are fab tips! I sooo agree with the sanitising gel! people give me weird looks when they see me using it but I do not even care!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Same, but personally I feel like they're the weird ones for not using it haha!!

  4. Really enjoyed reading this, I could definitely relate! I love the UD spray, I'm so glad I picked it up as I struggled for years with my makeup staying put on my skin! I always try take a brolly everywhere with me too, nothing worse than being caught in the rain, especially when my hair and makeup is freshly done!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! Same, I think UD All Nighter is the best fixing spray on the market, and a bottle lasts a long time! I started out with one of the travel size bottles and was instantly hooked and came back for the full size. Haha, don't blame you! Can't have the pesky rain ruining all our work!xx

  5. I really want to get my hands on that facial fake tanner. Great tips!

    Abigail Alice x


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