September 20, 2016

#NoOneToldMe: The Event, News & How You Can Get Involved*

Last Sunday (18th September 2016), I was lucky enough to attend the #NoOneToldMe blogging event at Champney's Springs in Leicestershire, with lights by TENA and Myriad PR. Today I'll be talking a little bit about lights by TENA, my experience with bladder weakness, last weekend's event, the #NoOneToldMe campaign and how you can get involved. Stick around if you want to laugh at the mental image of me doing yoga, and you may just learn something along the way...


"Whether it’s getting splashed by a bus, accidently sending a racy text to the wrong person or experiencing a little leak when you laugh, Oooops moments™ happen to the best of us. C’est la vie! In fact, research has shown 1 in 3 women will experience light bladder weakness at some point in their lives*."

Specifically designed for light bladder weakness, the newly improved lights by TENA range offers ultimate security, protection and discretion. They have a narrower core, they're thinner, softer and more flexible than before. The entire range features TENA's 'FeelFresh' technology, which combines a quick-dry top sheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to control moisture and odour,

The range includes five types of liner and towel to cater for all preferences. Rachel Sumner, Brand Manager for lights by TENA, said:

"For the 1 in 3 women who experience light bladder weakness, lights by TENA's refreshed range is the perfect solution for those unexpected leaks. Offering ultimate security and protection, our improved core means that two liners in the range are now 5x drier than ordinary liners, giving complete peace of mind. With light by TENA, it's easy for women to have the confidence to say 'c'est la vie!' to whatever the day throws at them."

In short, lights by TENA is a great product for those among us who have experience little leaks. A lot of people wrongly assume that the only people who experience bladder weakness are old ladies. This couldn't be further from true! 1 in 3 women experience bladder weakness, which means you probably know more people with the condition than you think! Little leaks can occur as a result of pregnancy, post pregnancy,  exercising, psychological factors, you name it. 

A lot of women who suffer from bladder weakness wrongly rely on the protection of sanitary towels. Sanitary towels are manufactured to cope with the flow of blood - which is slower and thicker - and do not offer suitable protection against little leaks when it comes to urine. They also do not offer the same protection against the odour in urine, caused by ammonia. Lights by TENA are way more affordable than sanitary towels, so, ladies... save yourself some money!


If you read the guest post I wrote for London Beauty Queen entitled #LetsTalkAboutIt: 1 in 4 Women Suffer With Bladder Weakness & Pelvic Floor Issues (click here to read), then you may know that I suffer from urge incontinence.

Urge incontinence is often simply referred to as an over-active bladder. It affects sufferers by giving them sudden urges to urinate. One minute a sufferer will feel absolutely no need to urinate, and the next urine is involuntarily expelled. This is the type of bladder weakness that I suffer from - there's little to no warning and moderate leakage. If you find that you need to urinate more than six to eight times a day or during the night, this can be a symptom of urge incontinence! The cause of this type of incontinence is unknown, but it is suspected that the bladder muscles send incorrect/incomplete signals to the brain.

No one told me that bladder weakness was a condition you can just have. I used to be absolutely mortified by my bladder weakness, because I never knew just how common it is. It's such a taboo issue, that it makes it hard to gain an insight into the condition! I remember walking home from school as a teenager and almost crying because I thought I was going to wet myself. I remember being super embarrassed when I constantly needed to nip to the toilet when out with friends, and having to plan every trip around where the closest toilet is.

Confidence comes with age - and experience - and now I've learnt how to manage my bladder weakness, it's no big deal. I always use the toilet before I leave home/the restaurant/my friend's house now, I avoid diuretics and I nip to the toilet as many times as I need to, because I'm an adult and the master of my own destiny bladder. I don't mind discussing it for you all to see, I just hope it helps at least 1 person out there!


On Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the #NoOneToldMe blogging event at Champney's Springs in Leicestershire with my friend Hannah of Hanna Talks. The event ran from 2pm to 6pm and was so carefully thought out, I couldn't quite believe it. This was hands-down the best event I have attended, so far, during my time as a blogger.

I caught the train from Leigh-on-Sea to Fenchurch Street at 8.26am (killer) and met Hannah at London Euston to get the train to Tamworth. Myriad PR were generous enough to cover all travel expenses incurred, which was a huge help. The journey took just shy of 4 hours (again, killer) and we met some other attendees along the way (the leggings and yoga pants gave them away!).

We sat and talked to some of the other bloggers in reception upon arrival, while we sipped on complimentary carrot and orange juice. We were then whisked away to a conference suite, where we were delivered a talk all about the lights by TENA range, their new campaign, the causes of bladder weakness, etc. We even watched a clever product demonstration. Afterwards, we were provided with lunch and champagne, and we all got a chance to chat and take some photos.

We kick-started the afternoon (quite literally) with a circuit training class. It was quite intense, but all a bit of fun, and nobody took it too seriously. The trainer was great and very patient. I think that's the most intense workout I've done since school P.E, but it was great. We then headed outside to do some yoga in the sunshine. This was my first (and last) time doing yoga. I can definitely see why people like yoga; it seems relaxing, but definitely works your muscles! It wasn't quite stimulating enough for me, and I found it a little boring. We each got our own pink towel, water bottle with fruit infuser and pink yoga mat to keep, which was a nice touch.

After the exercise classes, we all headed into the spa for some complimentary treatments (spoilt, or what?). I received a back and shoulder massage. This was only my second massage, and I'm often quite apprehensive about the whole thing, but it was definitely a great way to wind down after a busy afternoon.

We then headed back to our suite to eat cake (the ginger cake was so delicious!), chat and wait for the taxi's that the lovely Myriad ladies had booked for us.

The taxi took us back to Tamworth, and Hannah and I then headed to Euston. Unfortunately, I missed my train back from Fenchurch Street and got myself quite flustered; it was a Sunday and I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it home! I had to make a quick change at Barking in the end, and managed to get in at 11pm, absolutely knackered from all the travelling! It was definitely worth it for such a lovely and well-organised event though.


So, what is #NoOneToldMe? Well, it's lights by TENA's brand new campaign, launching September 2016. Life is one big adventure, and everyone is more than happy to share the champagne moments, but what about the things that #NoOneToldMe, like how I'd start getting fine lines by the age of 21? No one told me that it was normal to have bladder weakness, and that's the aim of the campaign - to normalise some of those pesky taboos.

Here's how you can get involved:

Today (20th September 2016), lights by TENA are hosting a live Q&A with their brand ambassador, Dr Hilary Jones, who will be answering your #NoOneToldMe health questions on the Facebook page. Submit your questions in the comments section on the posts now, or post during the live feed between 1pm and 1.30pm. Click here to head to the page and join the action!

Tomorrow (21st September), lights by TENA will be hosting a Twitter party with Emma's Diary on their Twitter page, between 12pm and 1pm. Tweet the things that no one told you about pregnancy, using the hashtag #NoOneToldMe and 3 tweets will be chosen at random to win a £30 Love2Shop voucher. Click here to join the fun!

If you have any questions about bladder weakness, please feel free to ask below in the comments section! I am more than happy to further discuss my own experiences and coping strategies, offer a helping hand or even point you in the direction of some more information and resources! Thanks for reading!

*ICI Publication 2013, Abrams et al


  1. Great to meet you! It was indeed a great event! There is a lot of information about Tena, which is a great product too! I have been using it. Oops!
    Shamed that you had missed your train! What a long day but it is definitely worth it!

    1. And you! :) It was a great event, wasn't it? Glad to hear that the product is so great. Luckily, I've learned to control my light bladder weakness, and since I don't have any stresses brought on my pregnancy/exercise etc. I don't rely on light liners. I would definitely use them in future, if the need arose, as that demonstration spoke volumes! It was a long day, I've only just caught up on sleep haha!

  2. Sounds like a great event! I don't personally have any bladder weakness, but if I do in future its great to know whats out there :)

    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

    1. It was! :) Glad to know that, like me, you'd consider lights by TENA in future xx

  3. This looks like awesome event! I have never been on anything like this x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. It was such great fun :) I think this is one of the perks of being a blogger for me; I'm less interested in the 'freebies' and more interested in going out to these events and meeting new people and trying new things x

  4. Hi Laura, it was so lovely to meet you too, and yes, it was one of the best blogger events I've been to. Everyone was so friendly, and the activities such fun. Plus the message that we're all spreading via our blogs is such an important one. Onwards and upwards to the next event :) Tx

    1. Agreed! :) Look forward to seeing you at any future events x

  5. Haha great to meet you and really awesome post and pics!! I think it was the best event we've ever had, definitely! What a lovely bunch though. Would love to meet up with you all again :-) xx

    1. That would be great :) Until then, all the best!xx


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