September 27, 2016

What I Got for My 22nd Birthday

If you read my recent post Birthday Beauty Wishlist (click here to read), then you'll know that on the 14th September, I turned 22 *cue Taylor Swift.* I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the lovely presents my family and friends got me, as well as to reflect on my birthday in general, so here goes...

My birthday was on a Wednesday, which unfortunately meant I had to go to work. Luckily, I had a half day booked, as I had a dentist appointment booked in the afternoon. That sounds horrendous, doesn't it? A dentist appointment, on your birthday? Ugh. It really wasn't, ha! I don't mind the dentist at all and I really love my dentist, Mr Lee. Plus, I was there by choice. I've just started the preliminary stages of Invisalign treatment. If you read my post The Blogger Behind the Blog: 10 Facts About Me (click here to read it), then you'll know that my teeth have been my biggest insecurity for the last 5 years or so, since one of my top teeth is misaligned. I'm super excited to finally get my teeth straightened! I will, of course, be blogging about my Invisalign journey, so watch this space.

Alex and I watched a few episodes of Modern Family (which I'm totally obsessed with right now), and then I opened my presents. That was my day in short! Super chilled - perfect.

I got some really fab gifts from family and friends, including a new dressing gown to take with me when I move (from my mum), a new handbag (from Alex's parents), a pretty little rose gold photo frame (from my best friend), a few gift cards and some birthday money. Today, I thought I'd choose just a few to talk about, mainly within the beauty & homeware categories, as this is what my post Birthday Beauty Wishlist focused on.


It's sad (or brilliant, depending on your perspective), but true that when you get to a certain age, if you want something, you just buy it. I'm finding it increasingly hard to think of things I'd like for my birthday, when people ask. This year, considering we are moving out in just a few weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to ask for some pretty things to pop around the flat. I'm a huge fan of scented candles (typical girl), and I do have my fave brands.

Alex's mum bought me a Yankee Candle Wax Burner, a bag of big tea lights and nine (yes, nine!), Yankee Candle Tarts. It's the simple things in life, but this is one of my fave presents, and I've never had a wax burner before, and I find it so amusing, ha! The tarts smell sooo good, and I can't wait to use my wax burner when we move into our new place.

My best friend also bought me a little raspberry scented Yankee Candle, in the standard jar. I love this smell. The size makes it perfect for displaying on my future dressing table.

My mum and dad bought me the large version of my favourite Diptyque Roses candle. My sister had previously bought me the small version for Christmas, and I fell in love with it. Traditional rose is my fave scent of all time! Diptyque is super expensive, and I am aware of that. Some people have pointed out how 'stupid' it is that a candle can cost so much, and I partially agree! The thing is, brands like Diptyque and Jo Malone are luxury. They're the type of products you would never dream of splurging your hard-earned salary on, but when someone treats you to them/you treat yourself, you feel so pampered and it feels more... special, I guess? You can definitely tell that Diptyque candles are high-end though; they burn so evenly, for a long time, and the scent floods the whole room within minutes.


My sister bought me the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish facial wash and accompanying cotton muslin cloths. I've wanted to try this cult product for so long! The reason I have never purchased it is because I knew that the muslin cloths would never make it back to me, once they went in the wash. Yep. Me and my mum have this fun game, where I put stuff in the wash and then she hides/puts it in my sisters room/claims she never saw it, and then tells me to 'do my own washing,' which would be a great idea, if the washing machine wasn't always in use! I'm keeping this boxed up, ready for my move.

My best friend also bought my the LUSH Rosy Cheeks face mask, which I can't wait to try! I've heard this calms down redness, which I have quite a bit of at the moment.


I cannot quite believe that my best friend bought me the Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne! I was honestly so excited when I unwrapped this, as I've wanted it for ages. It has 100% lived up to my expectations. The scent lasts well all day and smells absolutely beautiful. I'm so in love with this fragrance, but I'm saving it for special occasions, since it's too pricey for me to repurchase.

My lovely boyfriend also bought me another bottle of Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui. I have no idea how he got hold of it, as this fragrance was discontinued well over a year ago. I don't think he realised that I still have a full bottle of this sitting on my shelf, but you can never have too much of a fave fragrance! If I had to describe this to someone who has never smelt it before, I'd say it smells like sweet blackcurrant. I really like this for everyday wear, so I'm glad I won't be without for a while.

Not birthday related, but my boyfriend also bought me the Roberto Cavalli perfume, which appeared on my birthday wishlist, for our 5th anniversary on 9th September. He took me away for the night to the Lifehouse Spa Hotel in Colchester, which was lovely (minus me falling over in the restaurant) and then we went to Tropical Wings Zoo in South Woodham Ferrers the next morning. I was so grateful for everything he planned. Roberto Cavalli is another of my all-time favourite perfumes. I don't know how to describe this one, but it's definitely more of a mature scent - not at all floral, fruity or sweet.


My sister always come through with some killer makeup for me on birthdays and Christmas. If you don't have a sister, you honestly don't know what you're missing! This year, she bought me the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Taupe' and the NARS concealer I've wanted to try for ages in 'Chantilly.' I haven't put any of these products to use yet, but will most likely be wearing them over coming weekends, so I'll let you know what I think over on Instagram (click here to follow me).


This one wasn't a surprise, but my boyfriend still wrapped the tickets up and gave them to me on the day of my birthday. He bought us both tickets to see Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre in central London on Saturday, 17th September. The show itself was brilliant and I would definitely recommend it - but buy seats well away from entrance/exit doors.

So, that's what I got for my 22nd birthday! I've been a very lucky girl this year and really appreciate all the lovely gifts my family and friends bought me.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday even with work and the dentist's! Sisters are definitely the best at picking out presents - I always look forward to my ones from my sister over anything else. It sounds like your new home is going to smell amazing

    Steph -

    1. Thank you! :) My sister & best friend are definitely on par with present giving... I was truly spoilt this year! Haha, that's the plan! I can't wait to move in and start carefully placing candles everywhere (my boyfriend is going to love that!)

  2. Happy belated Birthday :) What great presents and I must say that eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous!

    Lotte |

    1. Thank you! :) Ah, isn't it just?! I'm loving it already, but definitely need to go easy, as these are darker shades than I'm used to and I'm afraid I'll end up looking like I have a black eye!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, I don't know if it's well deserved, sometimes I have no idea how my boyfriend and best friend put up with me!! But thank you, I have been spoilt rotten!xx

  4. Happy belated birthday! You got a lot of lovely things for your special day! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thank you lovely! :) I did, I can't wait to display all my new candles around my new home x

  5. The post is so great! I love it:)

  6. All the sound so good! And Aladdin will be amazing! :D

    xx SofiaaDot

  7. che bei regali!
    Anche io adoro le candele e i profumi!


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