November 29, 2016

The Best Place to Buy Branded Lashes on the Cheap*

As is every beauty lover out there, I'm slightly obsessed with false lashes. They complete any look and seem to make everything a bit more glam. While I don't wear them as often as I used to, I still love to rock a pair of falsies for special occasions and nights out. I used to buy false eyelashes in packs of ten from eBay. While they did the job for every day wear, branded lashes are definitely worth splurging a little more on for evening wear. The likes of Eylure always seem to appear a bit more natural. They're also a lot more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and can be reused. The only problem is that they are expensive if you're wearing them quite frequently, and unless Boots and/or Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on, your bank balance will hate you. So, when got in contact and asked me whether I'd like to trial their service, I was more than happy to oblige! Stick around to find out why they're the best false lash retail on the UK market...


November 22, 2016

My MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches and Why I won't be Buying MAC Lipsticks Again

Left to right: Whirl, Pink Noveau, Diva, Sin, Lust Extract, O,Velvet Teddy, Stone
I've been putting off writing this post for a while for two reasons. Firstly, MAC lipsticks are so damn hard to photograph! The shimmery bullets just look awful every time I edit them, as bringing out the contrast makes the silver look white-ish and unnatural. Ugh. #bloggerproblems. Secondly, I was worried that this would come across as really negative and be a bit like brand-bashing. I'd like to reassure you that that definitely isn't the case! I think MAC is a great brand. Besides, they're such a huge brand, that my opinion means diddly-squat anyways.


November 15, 2016

Life Update: My First Car & My New Job!

If you read my last 'Life Update' post here then you'll recall that I left uni and my part-time job behind in June 2016 and became... an adult. Dun dun dun. Well, five months later, and a few more things have changed, so I thought I'd share just a couple of them, to keep my little ol' blog up-to-date.


November 08, 2016

Winter Shopping & Black Friday*

The weather has definitely taken a turn lately! I've had to ditch the light jackets and hoodies and opt for my proper winter coat in the mornings! I haven't quite gotten round to doing my proper A/W shop yet, but it's definitely in the pipeline. Right now, my hands are like blocks of ice and I find myself reaching for boots which have really had their day. I guess I'll just have to go shopping, won't I?! (excuse nailed). 


November 01, 2016

Travel | Lassi, Kefalonia & Princess Hotel

I started this blog with the intention of digitally scrapbooking certain elements of my life. When I was younger, I made multiple half-hearted attempts at starting/maintaining a diary/journal, but I was absolutely terrible at it. The truth is that my life isn't all that exciting. Not in a bad way, just in a normal way. I've recently been sunning myself on the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, and it dawned on me that documenting my travel experiences could be a great way to remember the best times. Adding a 'travel' element to my blog has never been on the horizon before, because I'm such a homebird. Packing a bag and heading off travelling has never been on the cards for me, but I love reviewing hotels and restaurants (if I were to win the Euro Millions, I'd become a hotelier for sure).
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