November 01, 2016

Travel | Lassi, Kefalonia & Princess Hotel

I started this blog with the intention of digitally scrapbooking certain elements of my life. When I was younger, I made multiple half-hearted attempts at starting/maintaining a diary/journal, but I was absolutely terrible at it. The truth is that my life isn't all that exciting. Not in a bad way, just in a normal way. I've recently been sunning myself on the coast of Bodrum, Turkey, and it dawned on me that documenting my travel experiences could be a great way to remember the best times. Adding a 'travel' element to my blog has never been on the horizon before, because I'm such a homebird. Packing a bag and heading off travelling has never been on the cards for me, but I love reviewing hotels and restaurants (if I were to win the Euro Millions, I'd become a hotelier for sure).

I'd like to kick things off by reviewing one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at: the Princess Hotel in Lassi, Kefalonia, Greece. I stayed here for nine nights with my mum, dad and younger sister in August 2011. I was sixteen and had just finished my GCSE's and the thought of spending the summer away from my friends killed me. What I didn't know then was that we were only going to be friends for a couple more months, and I should've just relaxed and enjoyed the holiday. I didn't know it at the time, but this was to be the last family holiday we ever went on. My family has never really done holidays, other than to Disneyland. We hadn't been on holiday for five years before this!

The first thing I loved about this holiday was the fifteen minute transfer from the airport. When I was younger, I was super impatient and hated travelling by car/coach, too. These days, I'll accept anything up to a two hour transfer, if I deem the hotel worthy! I soon learned that the hotel was pretty much near everything. It's in a really great location, opposite the beach and only a ten minute walk from all the local restaurants and bars.

The hotel has its own private beach, which was absolutely beautiful. As a result, most of the guests were flocking down there during our visit, which meant the pool was so peaceful. The pool area is so picturesque, complete with white draped cabanas.

The rooms were absolutely spotless, air-conditioned and had small fridges, ideal for storing water and snacks. The rooms were nothing fancy, but had everything you could want/need.

The hotel staff were all so friendly and happy to help with even the most trivial of things. They all spoke fluent English and were more than happy to chat with us. There is a nice lounge-style area near reception with sofas, magazines and free Wi-Fi, ideal for catching up on events back home on quiet evenings or when the heat got too much to bear! In hindsight, I wish I had spent less time on the Wi-Fi and more time on the beach with my family. I should've savoured every moment of that last family holiday, but I was just so worried about missing out on anything back home. It turns out the only thing happening back in the UK at the time was the 2011 riots. Sigh.

Lassi, Kefalonia really sold Greece to me, and I think the food helped a lot! I've never been on another holiday where the food was so good. We stayed on bed and breakfast board at Princess, because my mum prefers venturing out in the evenings for dinner. The hotel served a lovely continental breakfast with pastries, cheeses and cold meats etc. and the pool bar served standard lunch foods like toasties. The pool bar was reasonably priced, with a good selection of cocktails at six euros each. There was a big selection of restaurants/tavernas, all serving traditional Greek food. I remember on our first night out, I had an amazing chicken stifado with a side plate of feta in olive oil and oregano. I've tried to replicate that stifado myself, at home, but nothing will ever compare to it!

One restaurant which really stuck out for my family was Da Veronica Bar. The food was lovely (I had an amazing Greek pizza there, one night), but what made this place was the hospitality. The owners and staff were so, so friendly, and remembered us each time we came back. On our final night in the restaurant, they laid out a whole table full of spirits and allowed us to drink as much as we wanted. I remember a cicada falling on my head in this restaurant and I had to try not to scream! if you've never seen one, the look like a cross between a large cockroach and a spider, but they're absolutely harmless and slow-moving. Everywhere we went in Lassi, we were given complimentary shots and small desserts!

The Princess Hotel was approximately a fifteen minute cab ride from the capital, Argostoli. It's definitely worth a visit, as it is such a beautiful place. The architecture is amazing, there is a huge variety of shops, but my favourite place was Argostoli square. The squares are lined with restaurants and cafes, and are a short walk from the beautiful water front, where I got to see some huge turtles! There are also day trips over to Lixouri, which I've heard people rave about, but it was too hot to make the trip when we were there.

I'd 100% recommend Lassi, Kefalonia and the Princess Hotel to everyone. While this hotel is only three stars, it has a five star feel and guests are made to feel like family! I believe this holiday would be perfect for couples, due to the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. However, there is plenty to do for everyone, since there are water sports, beach front activities, sports bars, tavernas, shops etc. etc. You only have to take a look at the hotel's website to get a feel of just how special this place is:

Image source: Thomas Cook.



  1. The holiday sounds lovely and the hotel looks amazing! I don't really go on many holidays either and the last one was a good 9 years ago but it's nice to look back on the memories and remember every little bit :) x

    Always, Alice

    1. It was absolutely perfect; I didn't realise how perfect at the time... typical self-indulged sixteen-year-old! I'd love to go back and revisit Kefalonia at some stage in the future. I've heard that the White Rocks Hotel is fab too. Ooh no! That's a long time ago. I do hope you allow yourself some sort of break every now and then? I'm not too fussed about having an annual holiday abroad, but my boyfriend can't go without!xx

  2. Such a beautiful and magical place.

    1. It really is :) I'd love to revisit xx

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous place, love the picture!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop


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