December 06, 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016 ft. Chi Chi, Violet Voss, Lisa Jewell, Remington & More

It's nearly Christmas, hooray! While Christmas is about much more than the presents, I thought it would be fun to share with you my 2016 Christmas wishlist. I loved compiling this one for my birthday in September, so Christmas was the perfect excuse to compile another visual wish list! Here are bits I've been eyeing up recently:

  1. 'Before I Met You' by Lisa Jewell (paperback) - £7.99
  2. 'The Making of Us' by Lisa Jewell (paperback) - £6.99
  3. Voss Glitter in 'Golden Fairy' - £9.50
  4. Voss Glitter in 'Brooklyn' - £9.50
  5. Yankee Candle 'Pink Sands' Candle - £10.99
  6. Thierry Mugler 'Alien' Candle - £39.00
  7. Lush Bath Bombs - £1.75-£4.95
  8. Slate place mats and coasters - £18.99
  9. Jelly Belly car air fresheners - £2.50
  10. Oh Flora print - £8
  11. Rifle Paper Co. 2017 calendar - £26
  12. Remington Keratin Radiance hair dryer - £33
  13. Glass clock - £39.50
  14. Chi Chi Katia dress - £69.99
  15. Remington Curl Revolution - £35.99 

As I get older, my Christmas list consists less and less of makeup and more of little bits that I never get round to buying for myself, like candles and prints. I'm still eyeing up the Violet Voss glitters though! I bought it in 'Galaxy 3D' a while back and absolutely fell in love with glittery eye looks. Other girly bits I've asked for this year include some LUSH bath bombs and a couple of styling bits from Remington. I first read about Remington's new Keratin Radiance range on my favourite blog, London Beauty Queen. Having naturally straight hair means I don't need the straighteners, but I have asked for the hair dryer, which looks fab and is also my fave colour. I've also asked for the Remington Curl Revolution hair curler, because, well... the advert had me convinced.

This year, I've asked for two books by Lisa Jewell. I read 'I Found You' whilst on holiday in Turkey this year, and I really fell for the story and was gutted when I finished the book. I absolutely love her writing and the synopses of these two novels have really intrigued me.

As for homeware, I'm after some slate place mats and matching coasters for my new place. I've opted for a glass dining table, and I think these slate place mats would look great on the table. No wishlist of mine would be complete without a couple of candles, so I've asked for the Thierry Mugler Alien candle. I have always loved this scent, but have never been able to justify purchasing the eau de parfum! I've also asked for 'Pink Sands' by Yankee Candle; I bought this for my sister in law for her birthday in October and loved it so much, I wanted it for myself! I've also asked for a clock set in glass for my new living room. My mother-in-law has one in each of her front rooms and I've always admired them. They're so timeless and elegant. I've also spotted this print from Oh Flora, which I'd love for my dressing table, and this 2017 calendar from Rifle Paper Co. which I would love to hang in my new kitchen.

I spotted this Katia dress from Chi Chi last week and absolutely fell in loooove with it. I really wanted it for my Christmas do, but at £70, it was a bit steep, especially when I had a perfectly good, only-worn-once, sparkly dress hanging in the cupboard at home!

Lastly, I'm asking for some of the Jelly Belly car air fresheners. When I first purchased my car, it smelt of leather and not much else. Now, that smell has faded, it's a little dirtier inside, it's had more people in it, and it could do with a hanging fragrance!

What are you asking for this Christmas time?


  1. My wish list is like yours, less makeup and more products that I want but more than likely won't buy myself. I also have a new blow dryer on my list...the one from the Drybar is on my radar!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    1. Christmas lists tend to get more and more boring the older you get! These days, I would actually be happy with new socks haha! Hope Father Christmas brings you your blow dryer and more!xx

  2. Great list! I love that it's not just all makeup, it's definitely given me some inspiration! Pink Sands is such a lovely scent x

    1. Thank you! I think a list full of makeup drives people insane, especially as it's not all easy to pick up in Boots or Superdrug!! Hope you get spoiled this Christmas!xx

  3. So many fabulous gifts! I would love to recieve that candle!


    1. The Alien Candle is sooo pricey and is so rarely in stock :( Candles like these are a once a year occurrence for me, and I still have an unopened Diptyque Candle, so can't complain!

  4. Amazing post.

  5. Lovely wishlist! That dress looks so beautiful. Hope you get everything you're wishing for :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. It's beautiful, but way more than I'd normally spend on a dress! Thank you lovely :) hope Father Christmas brings you everything you want and more this year xx

  6. I'd love some Lush bath bombs as well! On the top of my wishlist is a new bag which I already know my mum has got me as I was home when the package was delivered ;). I'd love some softboxes as the it's so dark at the moment! I took some blog photos today and the amount of editing I'll have to do is just.... :Dx

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin

    1. Aw no, surprise ruined haha! I'd love some soft boxes but I just don't have the room xx

  7. I love that you can get candles in perfume scents now! Great wishlist here with a variety of products xx


    1. Same! As long as they're true to the original scent! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx


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