February 14, 2017

My (Very Honest) January Food Diary

January... the month of trying to repent for all our Christmas sins. Like many people out there, as soon as January 1st came around and the reality of how soon my holidays were hit me in the face, I rushed straight down to the gym to sign up for a swim membership. If you're looking for meal inspiration, stick around and have a gander at everything I've eaten in the glorious month that was January 2017...

Most of the meals we have been eating are from the best-selling 'Lean in 15: Shift' book by Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach). A diet overhaul has been in the pipeline for a while, so my boyfriend and I whacked all three of The Body Coach's recipe books on our Christmas list, and it just so happens that Father Christmas loves us... he bought us all three!

I only thought about logging my food, drink and exercise nine days into January, so unfortunately I can't share with you what I ate in that first miserable week. Chances are it wasn't very interesting anyway, as I was still "getting rid of" all the Christmas chocolate in my cupboard (don't lie, we all use that excuse for a good ol' binge). 

This month I made the following changes to my diet:

  • Incorporating a better variety of meats and fish (rather than chicken, chicken and more chicken!)
  • Switching to wholemeal
  • Less carbs
  • Less chocolate (and switching to dark chocolate)
  • More water
  • Lower calorie snacks
  • Eating breakfast every day

So here is everything I ate in January (scroll through the weeks)...

In February, I plan on drinking less alcohol, continuing with personal training sessions twice a week and swimming twice a week and trying to maintain a positive attitude to my change in lifestyle. My weight loss has been incredibly slow (10lb since July 2016), which has been a bit disheartening, but I have built muscle in my forearms and my thighs are very slowly becoming more toned, with less visible cellulite.

Hope you enjoyed having a nose through my January food diary. PLEASE let me know if you have any healthy snack ideas or meal recipes I should try in the comments section below!


  1. I literally love how organised this diary is!! You've made some real good changes! I recently have started cutting back on processed food, if i can't pronounce it, it ain't going in my body!! Nakd do some really great tasting snack bars!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. Thank you! It has definitely helped me to keep on top of things and realise where I need to make some changes. I totally agree, I saw a quote the other day that said 'real food doesn't have ingredients, real food IS ingredients!' and that really hit home. Thanks for the recommendation. Quite a few people have recommended Nakd to me, so I'll have to give them a go!xx

  2. I love how you've shared a totally honest food diary; it sounds as though you've been doing really well! Although you haven't quite lost as much weight as you'd like to, I'm so pleased to hear you're having with your muscle growth so far! :) I've always loved working out, but have also just started to cut down on sugar lately and have been feeling so much more energetic! Good luck with your journey babe.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. Thank you so much! I am on week six now and although I have had a couple of wobbles, I am feeling much better in myself. Great to hear you're feeling better for cutting down on sugar! Good luck to you too xx

  3. Ottimi propositi e brava!

  4. Ottimi propositi e brava!

  5. God this is making me want to start swimming again (not the moral of the story, but still haha). How do you stop the chlorine from messing up your hair though?

    Little Moon Elephant


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