March 07, 2017

2016 was the year...

I know I'm a bit late with this, but here's a quick glimpse at all the wonderful moments that made 2016 so special for me. I hope to look back on this next year and smile. Hopefully 2017 is just as good, if not better!

...that my first niece was born.
...that I graduated.
...that I first visited Holland.
...that I first visited Turkey.
...that I moved out.
...that I bought my first car!
...that I left my part-time job at Clarks.
...that I got my first and second paralegal/legal assistant jobs.
...that my blog turned 1.
...that I partnered up with Tena to produce this post, and this one, and this one.
...that I first got the flu.
...that my boyfriend and I celebrated our fifth anniversary.
...that I was the heaviest I've ever been at 13st 8lbs.
...that I finally changed my eating habits and lost 11lbs.
...that I finally stopped biting my nails after eight years of being unable to break the habit.
...that I watched all seven seasons of The Walking Dead.
...that Alex and I got hooked on Wayward Pines.
...that Alex and I watched Containment and I was disappointed the second season was cancelled.
...that I discovered I like salted popcorn, pears, avocados, and Caesar salads.
...that I finally learned to parallel park and became confident doing so.
...that I started drinking more water and feeling a lot better for it.
...that I actually made an effort with my outfit on Halloween.
...that I bailed on Halloween because I was too sober for the club.
...that I spent my first Christmas away from my family.
...that my family spent Christmas with different relatives for the first time in about fifteen years.
...that I we stayed at The Grange Tower Hill hotel and went on a double date with Zonnia and Nat at La Tasca in Leadenhall Market.
...that I cut down from 2 sugars in my tea to 1
...that I had lash extensions for the very first time
...that I started praying
...that Leanne moved back to Ireland
...that Justin Bieber stopped being annoying and pulled out some absolute bangers
...that Craig David made a comeback
...that we went to Centerparcs and I was gutted to have to leave early to head to Turkey
...that I attended the Next Beauty event at The Ice Tank in London
...that I realised working in London definitely wasn't for me!
...that I started having my hair bleached again


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  1. This was a lovely little roundup! Sounds like you've doing some lovely things! X



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