March 14, 2017

Mitsis Laguna Spa & Hotel Review

Today I'll be talking about my experience at the Mitsis Laguna Spa and Hotel in Crete, Greece. This was simply one of the best holidays I have been on to date, and I would thoroughly recommend this hotel for anyone considering a Greek getaway! Stick around to learn more about the rooms, grounds, food and local area...
The Room
Our room (439 Jasmin) looked exactly the same as the rooms looked in all the pictures on the Thomas Cook website and the hotel website, which is rare! It was perfect. We really could not fault it. The room was big and spacious, had a lovely sized balcony (which, in our case, overlooked the sea), was bright and very modern and had lots of storage space. Everything in the mini-fridge was free (unusual, right?) including alcohol, and was topped up in twos daily. The room also had a safe (no charge) and air-conditioning which you could leave on whilst you went out, thanks to having two card keys. The bed was two large singles pushed together, but they never budged and we slept well. The bathroom was also very, very modern, which I loved. There was a shower and a bathtub, and a separate, mirrored space contained the sink, hairdryer, soaps etc. which proved very good for getting ready in. The maid came daily to make up our beds, and gave us new towels every time we left ours on the bathroom floor. 10/10 for the room overall, it was very clean, very modern and we slept easily.

The Grounds and Pool (and sunbeds!)
The grounds were absolutely beautiful and very well kept. I usually do not like big hotels, but this felt more like a villa complex since all the blocks were so spaced out; it was very quiet and no noise at all at any time. 

There were three pools (all of which are salt water): the main pool is located behind the main hotel building (which contains the lobby, spa and some suites). This is the one we chose to spend all of our time at. It was large and all one depth, except a raised section which was nice for sitting in the water to read or observe kids/your partner etc. We travelled towards the backend of the year due to work and uni commitments, and there were just enough sunbeds for everyone (and there were a lot!), and even then, my boyfriend was still getting up at 8am to go and reserve our sunbeds (yes, we know, loads of you hate people who do that and it is against the rules). I imagine that during the height of summer, you would have to fight for sunbeds (but don’t forget, I said there were other pools…). There is an animation team who come every day except Sunday. This was mostly aqua-aerobics when we were there. We did not like the fact that one minute we were relaxing quietly, and the next minute there was extremely loud music blaring and a lady shouting across the pool. I guess that is what you get with a bigger hotel though. 

The one thing that upset us more than anything at this hotel was that there was no smoking area around the main pool. The large majority of visitors when we were there were smokers. Surely one side of the pool should be smoking and the other non-smoking? Or smoking should only be allowed at the pool bar? We found it absolutely disgusting. I would be sitting on my sunbed relaxing and all of a sudden, would get a face full of smoke. We could not move, since this was always about midday when all the sunbeds were taken. Furthermore, I actually witnessed staff members encouraging guests to smoke by giving them one of his cigarettes to sample!

The second pool was for young children. We do not have children, so we did not spend any time there, but we did have a look on the first night when we went to have a look around. It seems like a fantastic idea, since young families can go there without being tutted at by other guests who are trying to relax. There were a few water slides, and from what I could see, it was very shallow.

The third pool was more amidst the blocks of accommodation. It was smaller than the main pool, but still large. It had bridges you could swim under, and sunbeds all around it. We did not spend any time here, purely because we liked the convenience of the pool bar, creperie and wifi around the main pool.

The Food:
I have seen some other reviews of the food at this hotel and I would just like to clarify… the food is hot! The only food that was cold by the time you got back to your table was the pasta, which is completely understandable unless you are a moron! The main buffet breakfast was absolutely excellent, and that’s coming from a fussy eater. There was so much variety. Absolutely everything you would want. The desserts were great too, which I find is rare on holiday.

There are five a la carte restaurants at the hotel which are all part of the all-inclusive. There is the Cretan taverna, the sushi restaurant, the Asian restaurant, the Mexican restaurant and the Italian restaurant. They are located near the main hotel pool, tucked underneath the main hotel building, along a manmade river with a decorative boat. All the restaurants are side by side and are separated by bamboo fences. We went to all of them except the sushi restaurant as we do not eat fish. They were all lovely, but the Mexican was the best, so we ate there twice. One thing we found irritating: you have to book a slot at these restaurants three days in advance, at breakfast time. Twice, we slept in and so we did not book. We went down to the restaurants anyway both times and asked if we could be seated. The head waitress seemed annoyed by this, but seated us anyway. We were in there for an hour, and the whole time, there were about five empty tables, so we did not understand the booking process or why the staff seemed so annoyed about people just showing up. We asked a member of staff on reception about this and she was very rude and gave us a wishy-washy response. The food was amazing, and the wine was by the bottle and was lovely too (dry white, cristina greek).

There is a pool bar next to the main pool, which serves from 10am, and behind it is a creperie which faces the manmade lake. This is part of the all-inclusive and was brilliant. They serve savoury and sweet crepes, brilliant if you missed breakfast or want a lighter lunch.

The Local Area
The area is lacking. It was €7 in a taxi each way into Hersonisiss, which was very busy and loud. There was a string of open restaurants along the sea line, none of which really caught our eye the one night we ventured out. We eventually chose somewhere, and the food was average and I thought it seemed rather expensive compared to other places in Greece we have been before to eat. I would not recommend venturing out, everything you need is at the hotel.

Overall opinion of holiday
The hotel definitely deserves its five star rating; I have never been somewhere so grand and was amazed when we went exploring on the first evening. However, I would give the overall holiday four stars, as the area was lacking and there wasn't an easily accessible beach.



  1. Sounds amazing - five different restaurants?! Dreamy!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. This place seems incredible! Shame about the local area and the average yet expensive food, what a disappointment. But it's amazing how the images were the same on the website, that's always such a great feeling!

    Little Moon Elephant


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