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If you're a PR rep/brand ambassador and would like to send me products to review or arrange a sponsored post, please email me by clicking here. You can view my media kit here. I am extremely interested in forming PR affiliations, but please note that they must be in keeping with my blog i.e. be beauty, skin care, hair related or be a product/service which is useful in day to day life in a 'lifestyle' context. As of 1st September 2015, sponsored posts and/or reviews of products kindly gifted to me will be marked with an asterisk and disclosed in the footer. The information written will still be my honest opinion! If I don't rate it, you'll know all about it! I will never write a dishonest review in order to further my position.

Collabs/Guest Bloggers 
All words are written by the owner of the domain, unless stated otherwise in the footer of a post. If you would like to make a contribution to this website, please use the main navigation to contact me regarding this. I would be more than happy to welcome guest photographers and writers and am always interested in constructive criticism! If you want to collaborate, hit me up!

Copyright Policy 
Unless stated otherwise, I, Laura Gale, am the legal copyright owner of all content that appears on this website. This is to include all written and multimedia content, graphics and photographs. The material on this website may not be reprinted, republished, modified or used in any other way, without my consent. To gain my consent, simply contact me including your full name, domain name and a brief explanation of how you intend to use my content.

All product images shown are shot by myself on my iPhone 6 or Nikon D3300, and are copyrighted. Occasionally, I use images which have been released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. I usually locate these images via Pixabay for use in my lifestyle posts. If I ever use a copyrighted image from a third party, I will credit said party accordingly. Permission for use of my images should be sought prior to their use; please locate the relevant contact details via the main navigation.

I Come in Peace! 
My words are never intended to cause upset and/or offence, and if you disagree with anything I write, please leave the site for your own benefit. If you would like to raise any concerns about any of my content, please feel free to contact me, using the links provided in the main navigation. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please do note that I do not hold any qualifications and/or certifications which aid my content in any way or that would make me suitable to offer solid, reliable advice. The best I can do is offer my genuine opinion in the most helpful way possible.

My Rights
As the author, I reserve the right to edit and amend any content as and when I see fit. I reserve the right to shift the focus of this blog at any time and to add and delete posts as I wish. I also reserve the right to disallow/remove any comments if I deem them to be inappropriate, discriminatory, aggressive or inclusive of any explicit language and/or content. I maintain the right to accept any advertising offers, sponsors or sample products for review. I reserve the right to form PR affiliations at any time. This will never affect the truthfulness of my reviews, and I reserve the right to decline any offers if I feel that a review would negatively impact a brand. If I receive a gifted product and decide, after a fair trial period, that I do not like it and do not wish to post about it on my blog, then I reserve the right to withhold a post, subject to giving the brand reasonable notice of termination of any prior arrangements or agreements.

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